T.I.'s Son King Harris Criticized for Offering Homeless Man $50 to Do Spicy 'One Chip Challenge' [Video]

T.I.’s 19-year-old son King Harris is facing criticism after he reportedly offered a homeless man $50 to take part in the viral “One Chip Challenge.”

via: Vibe

In a recent viral video, Harris and his friends challenged a man on the street to do the “one chip challenge,” which includes eating an extremely spicy Paqui tortilla chip.

Harris offered the man $50 to eat the chip, only if he didn’t drink water within five minutes afterwards. After devouring the chip in one bite, the man immediately reached for water — to which Harris and his friends laughed and recorded him while he struggled with the heat.

“It make it harder with that water in ya hand,” Harris said to the man. “You gone’ lose if you drink it.” The man finally drank the water and was only given $20 instead of the promised $50, for not following the rules of the challenge.

As Harris and his friends cheered in victory over the man losing, social media did not find their actions amusing.
One person commented about the now-deleted Instagram Story, “HUMILIATING THAT HOMELESS MAN THE WAY U DID WAS DISGUSTING,” as someone else said, “Smh , homeless man already down n you putting him down more especially after someone just died off that chip.”

Another person questioned, “Why u treat that homeless man like that ?! Forcing him to eat that spicy one chip without drinking water for $50. It’s all fun and games till the cops arrest u for food poisoning someone with a deadly chip.”
It hasn’t been made clear if the man is actually homeless or not.

The risky trend started on TikTok and has since caused a young teen to lose his life after allegedly participating.

On Sept. 1, a Massachusetts teenager named Harris Wolobah was found unresponsive by his family in their home after he allegedly participated in the Paqui “one chip challenge,” AP reports.

His unfortunate death caused an outpour of concern about the social media challenge and has since prompted the manufacturer to remove the product from stores. As the family of Wolobah awaits his results from an autopsy, they have reportedly blamed the One Chip Challege for the teen’s death.

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