T.I. Defends Iggy Azalea in Response to Q-Tip's 'History Lesson', Says Blacks in America are 'Paranoid': 'Not All White People Are Out to Steal Our Culture'

Iggy T.I. Q Tip

It took a little longer than expected, but Iggy Azalea’s mentor T.I. came to her defense in response to Q-Tip’s ‘History of Hip Hop’ lesson.

If you haven’t already, click here to read how eloquently Q-Tip schooled Iggy on the socio-political origins of the hip-hop movement.

T.I. largely agreed with everything Q-Tip had to say, but also shared his point of view when it comes to Iggy & the hip-hop community.

Get into his response below.

This is fine and all, but we would have loved for this to have come from Iggy herself.

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