T-Boz Claims Her Instagram Was Hacked After Saying 'Poor Nicki Minaj' In A Post Involving Cardi B [Photos]

TLC singer T-Boz ruffled feathers last night after a mysterious comment from her page landed on blogs.

via: AceShowbiz

T-Boz (Tionne Watkins) denied that she’s the one who left a disrespectful remark for Nicki Minaj. Having drawn backlash for commenting “poor Nicki Minaj” in a post involving Cardi B, the TLC member claimed that her Instagram account was hacked.

The 51-year-old singer issued her statement on Sunday, December 5. “ACCOUNT WAS HACKED!! Hey guys my account has been hacked and I never made that comment about Nicki Minaj,” she said. “I have no problem and never have had a problem with her at all that’s not like me to even comment on a blog and be messy so all the blogs and unnecessary comments can stop thank you.”

T-Boz was caught leaving the said comment under a video shared by theJasmineBrand. In the clip, Cardi was heard saying “let the black women in” when she’s arrived at a Miami club with her husband Offset.

It’s unclear what T-Boz meant by dragging Nicki’s name, prompting her to draw criticism from online users. Noticing the backlash, the “Creep” songstress added another comment, saying, “MY ACCOUNT WAS HACKED IM ON A ZOOM CALL/MEETING SO I DONT KNOW WHAT WAS SAID OR WHATS HAPPENING YET BUT I SAID NOTHING ABOUT @nickiminaj AT ALL.”

Unfortunately, people were not buying her claims. “I don’t believe her at all, what a quick recovery process. But it is what it is,” one person opined. Another asked, “Someone just randomly hacked your account to say that?” A third added, “They hacked her account and made that one comment on a blog lol okay.”

To prove her innocence, T-Boz shared a screenshot of someone’s profile on Twitter under username @NATERERUN. Alongside the snap, she wrote, “This dude keeps calling my phone pretending to be Nicki’s publicist. My Account Was hacked he probably did it.”

The Grammy-winning singer additionally unleashed a few random phone numbers that kept calling her. “Here’s A LIST OF THE MESSY A** DUMMIES WHO KEEP CALLING MY PHONE PROBABLY HELPED 2 HACK MY ACCOUNT & HV NO TIME IN LIFE CLEARLY BUT 2 BE MESS AND START CRAP BUT FEEL FREE TO CALL THEM SHAME ON YALL,” she argued.

T-Boz doesn’t bother anyone, leave her alone.

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