SZA Surprises Fans With Her New Single "Saturn" |

SZA Surprises Fans With Her New Single “Saturn”

It’s been an incredible month for SZA. At this year’s Grammys, the “Snooze” hitmaker took home three awards, delivered a killer performance of two of her SOS fan favorites, and launched an environmentally conscious partnership with Mastercard. As part of the launch, she premiered a new commercial, which contained a preview of a new song, “Saturn,” from her upcoming SOS reissue, LANA.

via: Rap-Up

At midnight (Feb. 23), SZA surprise-released her new single “Saturn.” The track explored her disillusionment with earthly life while suggesting the allure of beginning anew on the planet that shares the song’s name.

On the record, she sang, “Stuck in this paradigm/ Don’t believe in paradise/ This must be what Hell is like/ There’s got to be more, got to be more/ Sick of this head of mine/ Intrusive thoughts, they paralyze/ Nirvana’s not as advertised.”

Similar to 2022’s “Snooze,” the release came alongside multiple versions, including the original, live, sped-up, acappella and instrumental. It’s expected to appear on her upcoming project, LANA, which currently has no launch date or confirmed tracklist.

“It was gonna be [SOS] outtakes and some new songs, but it’s become more than I expected,” SZA told Variety about the LP in November 2023. “It was gonna be really soft because I had made all my screaming points, and I just wanted to glide, and not think [too much], and get out of my own head. I was so happy to say some s**t that didn’t mean a f**king thing.”

Elsewhere, SZA revealed that the title LANA stemmed from her first tattoo, explaining that she couldn’t afford the first two letters in “Solána,” her birth name. The artist also mentioned that the project would contain seven to 10 songs.

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