SZA Says Publication Didn’t Let Her Request Black Photographer for Shoot [Photos]

SZA turned down a magazine cover story after a publication refused to hire a Black photographer, the artist shared on social media this week.

via: AceShowbiz

SZA has taken to her social media account to call out a publication for not allowing her to use a black photographer. Sharing with her followers, the “Good Days” singer said that she was told no when she requested for a black photographer during a pictorial shoot.

“I requested a black photographer for a cover n the mag told me no lol its 2021.. and almost Juneteenth . Respectfully I can’t do it,” SZA wrote in the blue bird app. When one of her followers asked her to “expose” the magazines, SZA replied, “Das not my vibe but there’s TOO many elite black creatives rn to not allow it.”

In another tweet, SZA said, “S/o @RollingStone @Cosmopolitan and @wonderlandmag btw for all using black photogs in our recent covers. gotta celebrate when it’s RIGHT too !”

Following the tweets, a number of black photographers reached out to her. “Glad you stood your ground! I’m LA based and I’d love to work with you sometime,” one person wrote to the musician. “I’m here because the universe told me to shoot my shot all 2021 . Located in the DMV,” another artist tweeted to her.

While SZA earned praises for the tweets, the “Kiss Me More” artist previously received backlash after a fan posted on March 2 a lengthy thread detailing everything that the person believed SZA was lying about. The fan accused the singer of lying about never having a TV by posting a photo of SZA sitting in front of a TV. The person also shut down SZA’s claims that she’s “not a cake or pie person” as a picture featured her enjoying a birthday cake.

The fan also alluded that the “All the Stars” singer allegedly lied about her freckles, saying that her freckles were actually “fake” and “badly drawn.” The account also mentioned about rumors that Drake “messed with Sza when she was minor.” The fan also claimed that SZA went to Delaware State and “didn’t graduate” despite saying that “she had a marine biology degree from an Ivy League school.”

SZA appeared to react to the accusations in a cryptic tweet. “Get over [email protected] myself,” the tweet read.

In a comment on a ShadeRoom post about her tweets, SZA elaborated a bit on what it meant to her, adding that it’s “not deep I jus like the way my ppl SEE me.”

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