'Sweetie Pies’ Star Miss Robbie Montgomery Says She ‘Can’t Abandon’ Her Son Though He Allegedly Hired a Hitman to Murder Her Grandson [Video]

‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ star Robbie Montgomery still supports her son, Tim Norman, although he allegedly tried to have her grandson, Andre Montgomery Jr, murdered.

via Bossip:

In early June, Norman was accused of hiring a hitman to murder his nephew Andre, who also starred on the popular OWN reality TV show in 2011.

During a recent interview with Fox 2 St. Louis, Miss Robbie opened up about where her relationship stands with her son amid the contentious murder case.

“I’m going through it. My son is in trouble right now,” the sould food restaruranteur told the news station. “But I’m his mother, and I don’t know any more about it than you, I see it when everyone else sees it, but I’m there with him to support. That’s what mothers do until death do us part. ”

Robbie continued, “It’s the same as a marriage. So if something happens to your kid, you have to be there because you’re their inspiration. It’s not that what he’s involved in is good or bad, I don’t know, but that’s my son and I can’t abandon him now.”

Watch the interview below.

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