Surprise! Dro and Tasha of 'Insecure' Had a Baby Together in Real Life [Photos]

‘Insecure’ co-stars Sarunas Jackson (who plays Dro) and DomiNique Perry (who plays Tasha) didn’t get any screentime together, but the off-camera couple welcomed a baby this past week.

Talk about a plot twist!

via Complex:

Perry recently posted a photo of her newborn daughter, Zen. Perry had never mentioned or alluded to who the father was, so fans congratulated her on the newest addition to the family and moved right along with their lives. 

Until, of course, Jackson posed a photo of Zen to his Twitter account. Jackson captioned the photo “NWTS,” a likely nod to Drake’s Nothing Was The Same. Jackson probably means that now he is a father, his life will never be the same, but for devoted Insecure fans who were out of the Perry/Jackson loop, the phrase is also apt, because we’re all shook. 

Check out the photos:

Congrats to them! Insecure season 3 premieres August 12.

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