Summer Walker Urges Fans To Stay Away From Vaccinated People [Photos]

Summer Walker shares an anti-vaxx message, warning her fans to stay away from people who are vaccinated.

via: AceShowbiz

Summer Walker is among those who refuse to get COVID-19 vaccine. The “CPR” singer took to her alternate Instagram page to share an anti-vaxx message with her followers, warning them to put some distance with people who got a dose of the vaccine.

“We’re all f***ed lol,” the new mom said. Alongside that, the singer also shared a message from someone claimed that people are getting these symptoms from simply being in close proximity to a “recently vaccinated person.”

The said message read, “Stay the f**k away from people who were vaccinated. People are reporting: bleeding, bruising, spontaneous periods and miscarriages from being in close proximatey to a recently vaccinated person.”

After posting that, it seemed like Summer received hateful dms as she wrote in a separate post, “Damn all these f***ed up dm’s…. lol but I’m ‘dumb.’ ” She went on to double down on her remarks, “ppl kill with that ‘stop spreading harmful misinformation’ just cause a white man on cnn didn’t say it don’t mean it’s misinformation.”

Upon reading the R&B singer’s posts, some Internet users could not help but clown Summer. ” ‘Close proximity to a vaccinated person’??? Lmaooo. The vaccination is spiritually jumping onto others and affecting them? Ikyfl. Couldn’t make me repeat this s**t,” one person said. Another person commented, “You gotta be slow to believe that standing next to someone that was vaccinated will cause any of these smh y’all so damn gullible.”

Calling Summer among “Fake woke” people, one user wrote, “Fake woke summer Walker back at it again , makes music for side chicks and thinks she’s a moral authority on life.” One other admitted, “Her music is good but sis is kinda remedial. what does someone else vaccine status have to do with me. So I’ll bruise because my neighbor got vaccinated? It’s always the ones with no education that preach the most. If u don’t wanna get vaccinated just say that and leave it at that.”

This is not the first time for Summer to get slammed for allegedly spreading hoax. Back in September 2020, she was dragged for posting alleged fake news about anal birth. On her page, she shared a headline that read, “Same-sex couple celebrates world’s first anal birth after successful rectal-ovary transplant.” In response to that, Summer captioned her post, “lol. welp I guess us women and our wombs won’t be needed anymore.”

Last year, Summer Walker said the government was trying to “scare” people with information about the virus. She also theorized that the virus was created as a means to control the population.

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