Summer Walker Faces Backlash for Sharing Fake News About Anal Birth [Photos]

Summer Walker is no stranger to bizarre conspiracy theories and hotep tendencies, but now the singer is facing backlash after sharing a slightly homophobic reaction to fake news about a same-sex couple who welcomed a child through anal birth.

via Up News:

“Same-sex couple celebrates world’s first anal birth after successful rectal-ovary transplant,” read the headline. In response to that, Summer captioned her post on Wednesday, September 9, “lol. welp I guess us women and our wombs won’t be needed anymore.”

While the news didn’t seem to be fake, some people thought soo and blasted Summer for it. “summer the only time your mouth should be open is when you’re singing,” one fan suggested. “Summer Walker really be making it hard for me to support her as a person. She constantly getting dragged for her comments but f**k mane her music is so goood,” one other commented.

“I’m starting to see tweets about Summer Walker…at this point why are y’all still entertaining anything that comes out of her mouth that doesn’t deal with her music,” someone opined. Meanwhile, one user pointed out that Summer “really stopped posting thirst snaps and became a conspiracy page.”

Summer, however, wasn’t the only one who posted the article as it was on a few outlets. According to Sonko News, “a gay couple from Los Angeles has successfully given birth anally to a healthy 8.2-pound baby for the first time in history. … James Bent, 37, received donated ovaries from his sister Leila Bent, 32, which were later successfully transplanted into his rectum and which enabled the anal birth to occur.”

This is not the first time for Summer to be accused of sharing fake information. Back in March, she was slammed by her followers after apparently blaming Chinese people’s behavior for the Coronavirus outbreak.

See the post below.

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