More to the Story: Wendy Williams' Son Kevin Jr. and Estranged Husband Kevin Hunter's Fight Sparked Over the Word 'B*tch'

Wendy Williams’ son, Kevin Hunter Jr., and her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, got into a fight last month and apparently things got physical after the word ‘b*tch’ was tossed around.

via Page Six:

As Page Six previously reported, 18-year-old Kevin Jr. was arrested in New Jersey on May 21 following a fight with his father. Now, we can reveal that the brawl went down outside of Krauszer’s Food Stores in West Orange, NJ, and resulted in Kevin Jr.’s arrest for domestic violence simple assault.

According to a heavily redacted police report released to Page Six on Friday — which was edited because the incident involves domestic violence — cops were called to the scene around 9:50 p.m.

The reporting officer wrote that upon arriving at the store, he separated the men. “I then was told by [redacted] who stated that [redacted] hit [redacted] and caused [redacted] to start bleeding,” the officer wrote. “[Redacted] stated that Hunter Jr. and [redacted] were involved in a verbal altercation and when [redacted] confronted [redacted] about being called ‘a bitch,’ when [redacted] struck [redacted] with a closed fist to the face. [Redacted] denied striking Hunter Jr. and reported that [redacted] only wrestled with [redacted] after being struck in the face.”

The account continued, “Kevin [Jr.] then stated that he called [redacted] a ‘bitch,’ which caused [redacted] to approach him in an aggressive manner and started pointing [redacted] finger very close to his face. Hunter Jr. then admitted to pushing [redacted], which caused them to start wrestling with one another.”

The two were separated by a bystander, according to the report. Kevin Jr. then called his talk show host mother, “who was not on the scene.” The family’s home is located in nearby Livingston, NJ, though Williams has recently been living in Manhattan.

Kevin Jr. had no signs of injury or complaints of pain and refused medical attention, per the report.

He is due in court on June 25.

Williams filed for divorce from Kevin Sr. in April after nearly 23 years of marriage and cheating allegations. Kevin Jr. has been by her side following the messy public split.


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