Stevie Wonder Takes Shots at Donald Trump During Aretha Franklin's Funeral: 'Black Lives Do Matter, All Lives Do Matter' [Video]

Stevie Wonder took a moment out of his speech at Aretha Franklin‘s funeral on Friday to blast Donald Trump — saying that America needs to “make love great again” because “black lives do matter.”

He didn’t stop there.

“All lives do matter,” he continued. “And if we love God then we know truly it is our love that will make things better.”

“What needs to happen today not only in this nation, but throughout the world, is that we need to make love great again,” Stevie told the crowd. “When we make love great again, that is what Aretha said throughout her life. Through the pain, she gave us the joy and said, ‘Let’s make love great again.’”

Check out the video below.

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