Stevie J Headed to Court-Ordered Rehab After Failing 10 Drug Tests in 6 Months

Stevie J who was recently Fired from the Hit TV show 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' seen arriving at Mr. Chow Restaurant in Beverly Hills

Stevie J has a drug problem.

The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star has been ordered to attend an inpatient drug program after failing 10 drug tests for cocaine and weed. The drug testing is stipulation of being out on bail in an ongoing child support case.

via NY Post:

Jordan was busted in Atlanta in June for failing to pay $1.1 million in court-ordered child support payment for a boy, 17, and girl, 15, who live with their mother in Pennsylvania.

The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast member and Grammy winner was released on $25,000 bail by a Manhattan federal judge this summer — but has since failed a string of random drug tests mandated by the terms of his release.

The feds said Jordan tested positive for marijuana and cocaine in urine samples 10 times between June and and this month.

Prosecutors demanded that he be placed in a 30-day inpatient rehab center to address his admitted drug abuse problems.

But Jordan’s attorney, Michael Bellinger, argued that his client wouldn’t be able to work while stuck in the center and that his ability to repay his debts would suffer.

“If he’s in inpatient he can’t support his family,” Bellinger argued.

But Judge Andrew Peck imposed the rehab stint — and said Jordan was lucky he didn’t revoke his bail altogether and dump him in the slammer.

“I would be sorely tempted to revoke bail at this stage,” Peck said.


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