Stevie J Apologizes To Faith Evans For "Publicly Humiliating" Her [Video]

Just in time for the holiday, Stevie J is saying sorry.

via: HotNewHipHop

The Stevie J and Faith Evans drama has taken yet another turn. In 2018, the longtime friends turned lovers reportedly tied the knot in an intimate Las Vegas ceremony, but their three-year marriage has faced its share of obstacles. Stevie has been at odds, still, with his ex and mother of his daughter, Joseline Hernandez. There have also been controversial reports involving Stevie and Faith, including allegations that she was arrested following a domestic violence incident.

Most recently, Stevie reportedly filed for divorce from the singer, but they soon reappeared frolicking on the beach together. Just when people thought this would be a reconciliation once again, a video went viral online showing an explosive argument between the two.

We previously reported on the clip where Stevie is behind the camera as he cusses out his wife. He accuses her of cheating on them in his home while Faith tells him to leave her alone. Stevie repeatedly called her a “b*tch” as the couple exchanged several “f*ck yous.” Today (November 24), Stevie seems to want to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday by offering up an apology.

“Happy holidays everybody. I’d like to make this video for my wife,” said Stevie. “A video was released last week and it showed me talking crazy to my wife, publicly humiliating my wife. I’d like to apologize and say sorry that I would allow someone to come in my home and steal a computer and be able to do that to us.”

“You’re an amazing person. I’d like to apologize to your family. They don’t deserve that,” he continued. “Nah, she didn’t cheat. I was just in the moment, you know how us guys do. I’d like to take the time to apologize to Faith and let you know I love you and I’m here for you always.” Watch the apology below.

The apology comes more than a whole week after the video surfaced, so we’ll let you take from that whatever you’d like…

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