Steph Curry Signs a 5-Year, $201 MILLION Contract with the Golden State Warriors -- the Richest Contract in NBA History

Steph Curry has agreed to a five-year, $201 million contract extension with the Golden State Warriors — making it the the richest contract in league history.

via ESPN

Curry, 29, is the first NBA star who will sign for the supermax contract, the crossing of a $200 million threshold that eventually will become the norm for the NBA’s biggest superstars.

An eight-year veteran, Curry has been the foundational star for the Warriors, who won their second NBA championship in three years earlier in June.

The Warriors point guard had been on a four-year, $44 million contract, an extension that he signed when there were grave concerns about the sturdiness of his ankles.

Curry, a four-time All Star, finished the regular season averaging 25.3 points per game. He has led the league in 3-point field goals for a record five straight seasons.

Go Steph!

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