Sounds About Right: Interest on Dating Apps Plummets for Women Named Karen

If you’re a woman named Karen, you might want to change your name on dating apps — because according to new research it’s rough out here for ‘Karens’ to find a match.

via Complex:

The dating app Wingman released research stating that it’s now more difficult for women with the name Karen to get a date. The app found that matches for women named Karen dropped more than 20 percent in 2020 when compared to results from the previous year. Also, responses to messages sent by women named Karen dipped close to 33 percent.

Wingman CEO and founder Tina Wilson claims that she wasn’t surprised by these stats because dating sites seem to reflect real-world issues.

“The trends we observe with online dating usually reflect what’s going on in the real world,” Wilson said in a press release, per Yahoo!

This comes after the term “Karen” became a popular way to describe aggressive white women displaying classist, racist, and/or other prejudices actions based on societal privilege. “Karen” is most commonly accompanied by a viral video of a white woman being unnecessarily belligerent or rude to another person/group of people.

However, those with the name Karen seem to be aware of this, even going so far as to include variations of the phrase “She’s not a real Karen” in dating profiles to thwart disinterest in potential suitors. Additionally, the research found women whose name is a variation of Karen—like Karin, Carin, or Caren—don’t suffer the same consequences as their counterparts.

We wonder how Karen Huger must feel…

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