Soulja Boy Ordered to Pay Ex-Girlfriend $235,900 in 2019 Assault and Kidnapping Case

Soulja Boy is going to have to pay a pretty penny to his ex-girlfriend for a party gone awry.

via: Rolling Stone

Soulja Boy is being ordered to pay nearly a quarter million dollars after being sued by his ex-girlfriend for abuse and kidnapping in 2019. The rapper, born DeAndre Way, was ordered by a jury to pay Kayla Myers $235,900 due to an incident from February 2019 where he was accused of striking her with a gun and threatening to kill her, according to documents obtained by Rolling Stone.

The jury agreed that $1,800 of the damages were due to “mental health expenses,” while $234,100 were attributed to “physical and mental pain and suffering.”

In her original complaint, Myers alleged that after a party, Way “approached yelling profanities, kicked her, stomped on her stomach and bashed her head with a large gun” in February 2019. The lawsuit also accused another defendant, Way’s assistant (named Samdy in the filing), of assault.

“Way held the gun to Ms. Myers’ head and told her she was going to die that night and she would not make it home,” the original complaint, filed in 2020, read. “Way next instructed his assistant to take her in the garage and tie her up with duct tape.”

Soulja Boy’s rep did not immediately respond to Rolling Stone‘s request for comment.

Among the allegations are that Way forced Myers to shower in front of him and the assistant and that the assistant “wrapped an extension cord” around her. She filed a police report shortly after, per the complaint.

The lawsuit involving Myers appears to be separate from one filed in 2021, where Soulja Boy was accused of beating a pregnant girlfriend (who filed under Jane Doe) leading to a miscarriage, along with coercing her into sex via threats of violence.

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