Somebody's Lying: 'Empire' Co-Creator Says Mo'Nique Was Never Offered Roles in 'Empire' or 'The Butler' [Photos] |

Somebody’s Lying: ‘Empire’ Co-Creator Says Mo’Nique Was Never Offered Roles in ‘Empire’ or ‘The Butler’ [Photos]


We’re not sure how we missed this.

Mo’Nique has been making the rounds for the better part of two weeks, speaking out about allegedly being blackballed by Hollywood for her unreasonable diva demands.

Most notable, however, was Mo’Nique’s claim that she had been offered the role of Cookie on the FOX hit Empire. Well, Empire co-creator Danny Strong has refuted Mo’Nique’s claim.

According to Danny, Mo’Nique was never offered roles on Empire or in The Butler.

Check out Danny’s tweets below!



What’s most interesting about Danny’s last tweet is that Taraji P. Henson retweeted it.




There’s no denying that Mo’Nique making the rounds as of late has created great visibility for her, but we’re starting to wonder whether this kind of attention will end up hurting more than helping.

Who’s lying?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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