Social Media Shares Hilarious Reaction To Lil Wayne Performing "Mrs. Officer" At Kamala Harris' Residence [Photos + Video]

People are reacting to Lil Wayne’s performance of his hit 2008 song “Mrs. Officer” at Vice President Kamala Harris’ Washington, D.C. house over the weekend for a hip-hop 50th-anniversary concert.

via: Rap-Up

In celebration of 50 years of hip hop, Vice President Kamala Harris hosted a star-studded concert at her residence in Washington, D.C. on Saturday (Sept. 9). While the event paraded several music legends like Q-Tip and Common, Lil Wayne’s performance seized the limelight. The not-so-coincidental song choice resulted in jokes across social media platforms, especially given the VP’s past.

The rapper took to the stage to deliver a rendition of his 2008 hit “Mrs. Officer.” Notably, the lyrics from the three-times platinum track saw Weezy showing affection for a “lady cop.”

In the record, Wayne rapped, “Yeah, doing a buck in the latest drop. I got stopped by a lady cop. She got me thinking I can date a cop. ‘Cause her uniform pants are so tight. She read me my rights. She put me in a car, she cut off all the lights. She said I have the right to remain silent. Now, I got her hollering, sounding like a siren.”

The set swiftly became a hot topic after many pointed out the irony enveloping his song selection. It juxtaposed against Harris’ well-documented history with law enforcement and the criminal justice sector.

Users on Twitter didn’t miss a beat to spotlight the hilarity nestled in the lyricism performed in the backdrop of VP Harris’ past roles, which include her tenure as San Francisco district attorney, attorney general of California, and later, a senator representing the Golden State.

“I feel like the world right now is just one big episode of ‘The Boondocks’ at this point,” one person wrote. Another added, “This had to have been intentional. Too on the nose… It’s giving veep parallel universe. I need the camera to cut to the aids looking at each other, stunned.”

Elsewhere, someone noted, “I wonder how many people at the event caught what Lil Wayne did by performing this specific song at the residence of this specific vice president.”

At the event, Wayne also acknowledged the vice president and the White House for the invitation. “I appreciate this. My mom appreciates this too,” he shared, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

During her speech, Harris praised hip hop and its impact on America. She explained, “Hip hop now shapes nearly every aspect of America’s popular culture, and it reflects the incredible diversity and ingenuity of the American people. It combines rhythms from the continent of Africa, from the Caribbean, from Latin America with the sounds of soul, and gospel, and R&B, and funk to create something entirely new.”

Check out more reactions to Weezy’s performance and videos from the event below.

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