Social Media Believes Drake Is Shooting His Shot At LeBron James Jr.’s Teammates Mom [Video]

Anytime Drake pops up randomly at an event, fans start to talk about why the 6 God makes his presence felt in certain situations. The rumor mill has been running wild after Drake was recently spotted alongside Michael B. Jordan at a Sierra Canyon High School basketball game.

via: Hot97

Bronny plays on the team with Amari Bailey, and from the looks of a recent surfaced video fans believe Drake attempting to shoot his shot at Bailey’s mother Johanna Edelburg.

Footage shared on Thursday (June 17) by Bleacher Report shows Johanna walking in front of Drake and Michael B. Jordan on the sidelines. “I ain’t notice them boys until 7 seconds into the video,” commented one person.

Another person wrote, “Lol Drake think he slick sittin next to young bull mama [crying face emoji].”

Take a look below.

To be fair to Drake, social media believes a lot of nonsense.

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