Snoop Dogg Stopped By Italian Police, $211,000 in Cash Seized


Snoop Dogg hasn’t been having the best of luck with international authorities lately.

Just a few days after he was arrested in Norway, police in Italy stopped the OG rapper at the border and seized a bunch of his money.

via EW:

According to an Associated Press report, Italian financial police stopped the rapper at the Lamezia Treme airport in Calabria with $422,000 in cash, above the legal limit that can be transported across Europen Union borders undeclared.

Snoop performed a concert in Calabria on Friday night and was presumably on his way to England, where he is scheduled to hit the stage this Sunday for the Kendal Calling Festival. By law, travelers have to declare $11,000 (which amounts to about 10,000 euros) or more when traversing the European Union. Italian news agency ANSA first reported that half of Snoop’s cash was impounded, as per Italy’s anti-money laundering codes, news which was then confirmed by authorities. As the AP notes, the balance, minus any fines, is returned in instances like this.

At least he’ll get most of it back.

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