Snoop Dogg Sexual Assault Accuser Claims Rapper Harassed Her for Filing Lawsuit

A woman who filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Snoop Dogg is now accusing the rapper of launching a harassment campaign against her.

via Complex:

Per legal documents submitted on March 10, the Jane Doe in the suit added claims of defamation against the rapper and his management team. The amended documents highlight that a private mediation between the plaintiff and the defendants took place last month, but it was “unsuccessful.”

“Immediately after the mediation ended, and in direct retaliation for plaintiff’s complains of sexual assault and sexual battery, defendant Snoop Dogg posted the below image on his Instagram, calling plaintiff a ‘gold digger,’ while including emojis of a judge and police officer, obviously threatening, harassing, and retaliating against plaintiff that he will take similar action against plaintiff that defendant Snoop Dogg did with Ms. Bell,” read the documents. The Ms. Bell referenced here is makeup artist Kylie Bell, who filed her own lawsuit against the rapper in 2003 after he sued her for alleged extortion.

“Defendant Snoop Dogg on behalf of himself and his entities … threatened plaintiff with criminal prosecution and a lawsuit, and harassed plaintiff because she complained of sexual harassment, assault, and battery,” the document continues. “Snoop … retaliated against plaintiff through the above Instagram post.” 

The woman in the latest case, who is a model and a dancer, said she was sexually assaulted by Snoop and his friend Bishop Don “Magic” Juan in 2013. The two men allegedly repeatedly asked her to perform oral sex on them while exposing themselves, with Juan accused of “forcing” his penis in her face.

Snoop filed a dismissal request last month, in which he denied the allegations. “Nothing remotely resembling plaintiff’s story about defendant Calvin Broadus [Snoop Dogg] ever happened,” said Snoop via his legal team. “He vehemently denies ever engaging in any sex act with plaintiff or assaulting or battering her.” 

The thing about lawsuits — usually its in everyone’s best interest to be quiet until it’s over.

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