Snoop Dogg Once Auctioned Off a Blunt for $10K to Benefit Alzheimer's Charity, Seth Rogen Says

Would you pay $10,000 for a blunt rolled by none other than Snoop Dogg?

Someone did — in the name of charity.

via People:

Seth Rogen and wife Lauren Miller Rogen recounted how the Grammy Award nominee, 50, once raised five figures for Alzheimer’s awareness in true Snoop Dogg fashion as they spoke to Variety for the 10th anniversary of their nonprofit Hilarity for Charity.

“Snoop Dogg once auctioned off a blunt on stage for Alzheimer’s,” Rogen said as Miller Rogen, both 40, noted: “I think it went for $10,000.”

He added: “I think that encapsulates how we are approaching the space differently. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get Snoop Dogg to come perform at your show and auction off a blunt for Alzheimer’s care and research, then I think that speaks very well to an unexpected but effective kind of melding of matters and sensibilities.”

The couple founded Hilarity for Charity in 2012 after Miller Rogen’s late mother Adele was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, and they’ve since frequently held events with comedians and musicians to raise money to fight the disease.

Rogen previously told PEOPLE that he was proud of his wife for how she handled her mother’s diagnosis before her death in 2020. “Seeing Lauren talk about it is very impressive to me,” he said.

“How much she talks about it, and how willing she is to talk about it,” Rogen continued. “How open she is about talking about it and seeing how that has given her a lot of control over her situation – that’s been very good, because it wasn’t like that at first.”

Miller Rogen also praised her husband’s 2014 testimony in front of congress to plead for Alzheimer’s funding as “pretty amazing,” adding: “It was just an incredibly moving speech that he made and the response that it got was really overwhelming, so that was pretty great.”

“We get thank you notes from people who are getting care whose lives are drastically changed and every time I get one of those notes … it’s like, ‘Wow, you’ve helped people,'” the For a Good Time, Call… writer and star added.

Hilarity for Charity’s 10th Birthday Extravaganza takes place Saturday, Oct. 1 at Rolling Greens on Mateo in Los Angeles. Tickets are available online.

We love seeing people use whatever gifts (or hobbies) they have to help make the world a better place — no matter how big or how small.

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