Singer Sevyn Streeter Reveals She Has COVID-19: It's 'Absolutely Heartbreaking'

Singer Sevyn Streeter announced on her Instagram page this Wednesday that she has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

via: AceShowbiz

R&B singer Sevyn Streeter is the latest celebrity to contract COVID-19. The “How Bad You Want It” singer revealed in a new Instagram post that she tested positive for the novel virus, adding that she’s currently isolating to protect loved ones.

“Just got the word I’ve tested positive for COVID,” Sevyn wrote on Wednesday, December 9. Alluding that she’s asymptomic, she went on to write, “I’m all good but will be isolating for a little bit to protect those around me.”

Later, the singer assured fans that even coronavirus wouldn’t interfere with the preparation of her new project. “And trust me I’m doing everything I can 2 deliver my new project ‘DRUNKEN WORDZ SOBER THOUGHTZ’ to y’all top of 2021 but I have 2 make sure I’m being safe first,” she shared.

The 34-year-old concluded her message by “sending love to everyone in these crazy times. Stay safe and healthy.” Meanwhile, she wrote in the caption, “Adversity & repsonsibilities, Im more than capable of navigating…but the idea of spending Christmas away from my family during these times…absolutely heartbreaking. This year is def 1 for the books.”

Sevyn joined the long list of celebrities who had COVID-19 which claimed many people’s lives around the world. Scientists have been trying to develop a vaccine for the disease with rock ‘n’ roll veteran Marty Wilde reportedly being one of the first celebrities to get the COVID-19 vaccination.

The singer, who is dad to “Kids in America” singer Kim Wilde, is set to be given the jab at Lister Hospital in Hertfordshire, England, on Thursday, December 10. “This is one of the few times I am glad I am older than Cliff Richard because I am going to get my injection before that b**ger does,” said the 81-year-old in a statement.

“I feel a responsibility (to get the vaccination) not just to my family but people like me can be useful to the public,” he went on to say. “I just think a lot of people count on me. Lots of fans have been affected by COVID, lost money on hotels they have booked to see our tour earlier this year. They can’t get their money back. I’ve got to be good for them. I know it sounds boring but it’s not. I really feel that.”

COVID is still out here people, be careful, wear your masks. And sending well wishes to Sevyn for a speedy recovery.

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