Singer Darrel Walls of The Walls Group Deletes His Instagram After Video of Him Kissing His Boyfriend Goes Public

Darrel Walls, a member of popular gospel quartet The Walls Group, has deleted his Instagram after a video he intended to share with his “close friends” began circulating social media.

In the video, Darrel can be seen having a super cute moment with a man believed to be his boyfriend. As the video closes out, Darrel and the man share a kiss.

Darrel shared the video himself to his “close friends” list on Instagram — however one of his “friends” made the video public and it’s all over the internet.

He has since deleted his Instagram account.

In the age of social media, one can’t expect videos shared — even among small circles — to remain private. It’s an unfortunate truth.

We all know the gospel community can be judgmental at times and Darrel is probably going through a rough moment right now.

His Twitter is still active — so take a moment and show him some love — and remember, his walk with the Lord is his walk with the Lord — it’s no one’s place to judge.

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