Shots Fired: Tamar Braxton Throws Major Shade at Her Sister Traci's Album on Twitter [Photos] |

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The Braxton Sisters are still working on their relationships with one another — and that’s okay, all families go through it. However, not all families take nasty shots at one another on social media.

In the most recent episode of Braxton Family Values, sisters Trina and Tamar got into a huge argument. During the argument Trina gave Toni credit for Tamar’s career.

Tamar wasn’t having it, saying her successful career is a result of her own hard work. After the episode aired, the sisters began taking slight digs at each other on social media.

Following the release of Traci’s first solo album this past week, Traci also praised her sister Toni (and threw a little shade) on Instagram. She thanked Toni for paving the way for her AND her sisters’ careers. You know that rubbed Tamar the wrong way.

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Traci later began retweeting some of the nice things people were saying about her album. She retweeted one tweet in particular from a fan suggesting that she’d get a Grammy for her work.

“You’re going to get a Grammy Tracy, I can see it already,” the fan said.

Shortly after, Tamar Braxton sent out a tweet that appeared to be a direct shot at Traci and what she retweeted.

Do the Grammys have a duet with auto tune category yet? Cause…(chair emoji) (thumbs down emoji),” responded Tamar.

Ouch. Tamar later deleted the tweet, but not before it was captured and passed around the Internet. Check it out below.

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