Shots Fired! Meek Mill Disses Drake, Says He Doesn't Write His Own Rhymes & the Whole Industry Knows It


As if Nicki Minaj beefing with Taylor Swift wasn’t enough drama for one day — Nicki’s boo Meek Mill is now taking shots at Drake!

Meek went on a pretty lengthy Twitter rant, straight up saying that Drake doesn’t write his rhymes and that the whole industry knows it.

It started with Meek making fun of Nicki’s ex SB for twerking, and it all went downhill from there.

Take a look:

And it sounds like he’s been talking to Nicki about her drama from earlier today….

Rapper OG Maco used the opportunity to co-sign what Meek said about Drake.

We wonder how Nicki feels about¬†all of this. Is she okay with her man taking these kinds of shots at her “brother”?

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