[Updated] Shocking! Man Wanted for Kicking Elderly Woman in the Face on a Bronx Train as Passengers Watch and Record [Video]

Police are looking for a man captured on video kicking an elderly woman in the face on a Bronx subway car.

via NYDN:

The video, posted to Twitter by user @BKLYNRELL1, shows the man assaulting the victim as she is sitting in a northbound No. 2 train around 3 a.m. on March 10, police said.

In the clip, the attacker kicks the woman six times with his right leg. Three of the kicks catch her flush in the face, as she cowers and helplessly tries to cover up.

There are several plastic bags on the floor surrounding her legs.

The shocking beating happened as the train pulled into the 238th St-Nereid Ave. station in Wakefield.

Ooohs and aaahs can be heard in the background, and at least one other passenger can be seen taking cell phone video. As he exits the train, the attacker, fully aware the crime is being recorded, says, “WorldStar that, my n—a,” a reference to the popular social media page dedicated to violent videos.

Someone eventually called police and when the victim got off the train at the next stop an EMS crew was there waiting for her. She was treated for bleeding and swelling from the cuts on her face.

Outrage spilled on social media at the man behind the attack and the man behind the cell phone camera. The user who posted the video said he did not take it, but it was not clear how he obtained it.

“Why was the person taking the video and the people around him NOT WILLING TO DO SOMETHING RIGHT THEN?,” one Twitter user asked. “Don’t pull out your phone folks pull out your fists! Stand up and protect life!”

You can see the shocking clip for yourself below. Hopefully someone can identify this man and have him arrested.

Update: The man has been identified and is in police custody.

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