Shocking: Legendary UFC Fighter Anderson Silva Snaps Leg on Live TV [Photos + Video]


We’re not big UFC fans, but this has to be one of the most horrific sporting injuries we’ve seen.

One of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters of all time suffered a horrific injury in front of millions of fans Saturday night after he broke his leg during a championship fight that was being broadcast live around the world. 

Anderson Silva, 38, snapped his left leg when his opponent Chris Weidman blocked his kick with his knee. 

Pictures show Silva’s shin buckling as it smashes against Weidman’s knee.

Although the injury happened too quickly to be seen by most naked eyes in Las Vegas, the sound of Silva’s cracking shin could be heard at cageside. Thousands of fans cringed when the replay was shown on the arena’s big screens. 

WARNING: Graphic photo below (don’t worry, there’s no blood or gore — but it’s still disturbing).




Experts fear the injury could be the end of Silva’s career as a fighter. With an injury like that, it’s hard to imagine a fighter’s leg ever being 100% recovered.

UFC orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steven Sanders said Sunday that Silva had broken his tibia and fibula in the lower part of his left leg.

He underwent emergency surgery in which Dr Sanders repairs the broken tibia and stabilized the fibula. His recovery could take more than six months. UFC released a statement:

‘Following Saturday evening’s UFC 168 main event, former champion Anderson Silva was taken to a local Las Vegas hospital where he underwent surgery to repair a broken left leg. The successful surgery, performed by Dr. Steven Sanders, the UFC’s orthopedic surgeon, inserted an intramedullary rod into Anderson’s left tibia.’

It’s being referred to as the worst injury in UFC history. If you can stomach it, you can watch the entire accident happen below.

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