Sheree Whitfield Sues Her OWN Insurance Company to Help Pay Chateau Sheree Debt + Gives a Sneak Peek Home Tour [Video]

We knew Sheree Whitfield was crafty, but we didn’t know Sheree was THIS crafty.

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star is suing her insurance company — Central Mutual Insurance Company —  for nearly $300,000.

via Radar Online:

In the complaint obtained from the Superior Court of Fulton County, Whitfield, 47, claims the damages of her Chateau Sheree were unfairly appraised by the insurance company. 

According to the filing, contractors finished drywall work and stopped working until after the New Year when the house was 85 percent complete.

In January 2014, the weather caused the 2nd floor water line fixture to freeze and break, releasing water across the 2nd level and filling throughout the home and into the basement.

Whitfield made an insurance claim with the Defendant. The home remained in a wet condition for three weeks, leaving “mold and decay.”

Whitfield’s appraiser and the insurance company’s appraiser of the damages were unable to reach an equitable determination, as Whitfield claimed the Umpire hired “failed/refused” to evaluate the submitted damages by Plaintiff’s appraiser as anticipated by the policy.

“The Umpire wrongfully became involved throughout the appraisal process instead of dealing with only ‘differences’ as required by the policy,” the complaint read. “These acts resulted in an unfair conclusion to the appraisal as to the amount of the loss.”

She is asking for $279,940.56 and a jury trial.

In Central Mutual’s response to the complaint, they claim “an impartial Umpire and an appraiser” reached the award and that the appraisal award was untimely filed. They claim to have already paid Whitfield $359,156.20 and ask the case be dismissed.

The lawsuit comes after Whitfield was hit with a series of suits regarding her chateau.

Master Craft Stucco, Inc slapped Blu Management, LLC and Sheree Corporation with a lien for $26,586.41 on July 15, 2015.

The company, who did work on Whitfield’s home, also demanded she pay $1,702.99 in interest and $278.51 in court fines.

Since she did not respond to the claim, Judge Tom Campbell ordered she pay the amount.

The Bravo star was also sued by Heritage Landscape for $10,012.50 plus $500 in costs.

“Mrs. Whitfield contracted the landscaping services of Heritage Landscape to help in the completion of her home,” the claim filed on January 3rd read. “Mrs. Whitfield has paid some (less than half of her bill), although she was happy with the work.”

According to the claim, she alleged she “did not have the money” at first. She then blamed the company for “poor work quality.”

In December 2015, Stoploss Specialists, Inc. claimed she owed $15,450 in unpaid bills. They sued her for a total of $23,000, which included late fees and other charges.

Did we mention she’s still not actually living full-time in Chateau Sheree? She’s not.

Sheree DID, however, fill up a few rooms and give Bravo a ‘sneak peek’ tour of the main level. Check it out below.

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