She Got the Right One! Woman Catches a Beatdown After Spewing Racist Comments, Lies About Being Attacked [Video]

It’s no secret that racial tensions are high in this country right now.

In a video making its rounds across social media, one racist lady (in the blue sundress) got what she was asking for when she decided to say some ‘racist sh*t’ about Haitians in front of this other white woman.

The clip starts off with a verbal argument, with the younger white woman taking off her shoes in order to properly defend herself. The lady in the sundress gets in her face and proceeds to wrap her hands around her neck — and that’s when things popped off.

The younger woman got up and beat the racist to the ground. After a few seconds of fighting, security stepped in (even though they were there all along).

When police showed up, the racist lied and said she was attacked — but thankfully the entire incident was captured on video.

We’re not ones to promote violence, but we prefer to abide by the African proverb: ‘Don’t start none, won’t be none.’


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