Shannon Sharpe Shocked By Brittany Renner’s Body Count [Video] |

Shannon Sharpe Shocked By Brittany Renner’s Body Count [Video]

Shannon Sharpe got some shell-shocking news during a recent interview.

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Sharpe was left in need of a stiff drink during a recent episode of Club Shay Shay. After influencer Brittnay Renner told him that she had slept with 35 men, Sharpe proceeded to start downing shots at an alarming rate. Renner, to her credit, appeared unperturbed. “Impressive isn’t the word. If I’m judged for having great taste…” she said as Sharpe offered drinks to his crew.

Renner is unapologetic about her sexuality and good for her. She made headlines in the past couple weeks for giving Charleston White a lap dance when the controversial streamer appeared on her podcast. Meanwhile, NLE Choppa tried to shoot his shot with her during a backstage interview. In the comments of the video, people were either surprised that 35 was her number or calling cap and claiming it was higher. Regardless, it’s clear that Renner is just living her life without regrets.

However, another Renner moment that is getting a lot of traction as of late is comments she made about giving birth to PJ Washington’s child. During her aforementioned conversation with Charleston White, Renner opened up about the fairly traumatic birth she underwent for their child. The rant was directed at White after he made a number of sexually suggestive comments about her during the podcast episode. Renner, the lap dance aside, didn’t take to kindly to his disparing comments and went off at the streamer.

“I had a second degree, tear. That means they sewed me up. Right. You know what that means? That means I love that motherfucker. My pussy was fucking split open for him. You understand that? Let me tell you something. 50 pounds. Do you hear what I’m saying? I gained 50 pounds. Charleston, 50 pounds. ‘That’s just somebody I’m just whatever? It’s about money? I believe in true love. I said it a hundred fucking times! Hellooo!!! Listen to what I’m fucking saying. Shut the fuck up when a real bitch is taking.”

Stay wild, Brittany.

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