Sexyy Red Claps Back At Khia After "Fugly Red" Comments [Photos + Video] |

Sexyy Red Claps Back At Khia After “Fugly Red” Comments [Photos + Video]

Sexyy Red fires back at Khia.

via: Rap-Up

Khia sparked a fiery exchange this past week after calling out the new generation of female rappers for promoting a promiscuous image. Her comments didn’t sit well with Sexyy Red and Sukihana, who responded via Instagram and Twitter, respectively.

The “My Neck, My Back” rapper took to social media to vent her frustrations. “I’m ’bout tired of y’all comparing me to these h**s,” she said. “I said, ‘My neck, my back, my p**sy, and my crack.’ Not ‘These n**gas out here, these h**s out here…’ I still stood 10 toes down like a motherf**kin’ queen. Hair still wrapped like the first day.”

She further distanced herself from the current crop of female acts by emphasizing her maintained dignity over the years. “I [have] been out here 25 years, and y’all ain’t seen no pictures of my p**sy, no videos of me sucking d**k, my phone [has] never been stolen, and y’all ain’t seen me with no man, b**ch,” she asserted.

The Philadelphia native boasted about keeping her privacy, unlike some current artists who have had their personal lives exposed, which many viewers speculated as a shot at Red and Sukihana.

“Just another ol’ washed up [hag] hating on a young, turnt rich b**ch,” Red retorted in the comments of a post discussing Khia’s rant. The latter directly responded to the “Pound Town” hitmaker’s remarks during an Instagram Live last night (Oct. 30).

“We the people versus fugly, non-sexy, knocked up a** Red. Gag order. Fugly Red. Your a** is charged with not being ashamed of Godd**n yourself,” Khia stated. “Getting pissed and s**tted on, and trying to come for a real queen. Not knowing who the f**k your baby daddy is. Refusing to go and get checked.”

Today, Red responded in the comment section of The Neighborhood Talk’s reshare. She stated, “It’s [giving] jealous [and] miserable.”

The St. Louis rapper took it a step further by posting Khia’s “My Neck, My Back” vinyl cover and comparing it to Martin Lawrence in the 1999 film Blue Streak.

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