Sexyy Red Claps Back At Hater Claiming She "Emasculated Black Men" At Rolling Loud Miami [Photo]

Sexyy Red has been facing some criticism since she walked two men on stage on leashes at Rolling Loud Miami.

via: AceShowbiz

Red has responded to an accusation of her emasculating “black men.” Upon learning that many have made such allegations against her, the “Pound Town 2” raptress went public with her reaction and deemed herself “freaky.”

Left disappointed by the swirling accusations, the 25-year-old hip-hop artist shared her two cents on the matter via Twitter on Sunday, July 23. She first tweeted, “I’m freaky.” The “Strictly for the Strippers” raptress went on to add, “Shat up.”

Sexyy was replying to a tweet by conservative political strategist Joey Mannarino that was issued on Saturday, July 22. “Sexyy Red, The ‘artist’ behind Poundtown, just came out with two black men at her feet like dogs at Rolling Loud,” Joey’s tweet read.

“Hip-hop culture has been taken over by people who want to forever emasculate Black men. It’s sad,” Joey continued. Along with his critique, he uploaded a video from Sexyy’s set at Rolling Loud Miami. In the footage, she could be seen entering the stage in between two men who were crawling.

Joey further expressed his thoughts in a follow-up tweet, “The common reply here is Stay Out Of Black Folk Business. Whatever. I can have an opinion. This is some nasty stuff. This isn’t hip-hop. This is racthet. Anyway, watch my podcast where we won’t be dog walking any men.”

Luckily, Sexyy still has fans coming to her defense. In the replies section of her tweet, one Twitter user bluntly spoke, “He’s a whole white man he needs to mind his business and keep it pushing. Worried about the wrong s**t.” Another chimed in, “They do tm . so many ppl have done this but when BIG SEXYY does it its a issue ? yall js wanna find a reason to not like her.”

A third additionally stated, “When is the b***hes on the leash nobody said anything. But now is the menwhores dey wanna talk likeeeeee Hollla holla holla wen coming next bring in 4 to 6 leashes,” whereas a fourth declared, “Thats funny they didnt have this same energy for s**t balvin when he did it to black women but wanna talk s**t about you , Hrm very interesting.”

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