Serena Williams Reveals She Took SIX Tests Before She Believed Her Pregnancy: 'My Heart Dropped'

Serena Williams looks absolutely stunning in Vanity Fair.

In the mag, she opens up about first finding out she was pregnant.

Even though she was vomiting and her breasts had gotten bigger, Serena says she still wasn’t convinced she was with child. It was her friend, Jessica Steindorff, who urged that she take the test.

“I’ll take it just because (a) to prove you wrong and (b) because it’s fun, whatever,” Serena explained in the August issue of Vanity Fair. “It’s like a joke. Why not?”

At the time, pregnancy wasn’t in her plans as she gearing up for the Australian Open and Wimbledon later in the year.

“I put it down. I went back to finishing hair and makeup, was laughing, talking,” she recalled. “I was getting the styling done. An hour and a half later, I went back to the bathroom and I totally forgot about it because it was impossible for me … So I went back to get dressed and I went back in the bathroom and I was like, ‘Oh yeah, that test.’”

“My heart dropped. Like literally it dropped,” she added.

A trip to the hotel pharmacy (we’re assuming she didn’t go herself) and five additional pregnancy tests later, Serena was convinced she was with child.

When she broke the good news to fiancé Alexis Ohanian, she handed him a paper bag with the six positive pregnancy tests.


“If you would have told me last year in October or November that I would have a baby, not be pregnant but have a baby, I would have thought you were the biggest liar in the world. This is kind of how I am right now,” she said. “This is happening sooner than later, and it’s going by so fast.”

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