Selena Gomez Drops $30K on The Weeknd's Birthday Party at Dave and Buster's

The Weeknd loves himself some Dave and Buster’s — so his girl Selena Gomez made sure he had the best birthday ever.

Selena dropped $30,000 in just three hours for the shindig.

via NYDN:

Despite picking up the tab, 24-year-old Gomez wasn’t there for her beau’s big night as she was in New York for Fashion Week. Fortunately, he had a bunch of friends to keep him company during the three-hour-long bash including French Montana, Travis Scott and Migos.

This is at least the second time the Weeknd has spent a night out at Dave & Buster’s in the new year. Last month, just two weeks after they were caught making out behind the dumpster outside of Giorgio Baldi, he and Gomez hit up the arcade with a handful of friends for a couple hours of gaming.

Must be nice.

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