Say What Now? Woman Loses Everything When Wrong House is Repossessed

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Can you imagine walking into your house to find every single item you own — gone?

LOGAN, W.Va. (WSAZ) — A woman is trying to put her life back together after returning home to an empty house.

Nikki Bailey got home from visiting her best friend in the hospital just in time to see the repossession company leaving.

“I was ready to rip out an IV and leave that hospital,” Pat Fot, Bailey’s best friend, said.

Fot knows Bailey makes her house payments.

“Everything was gone,” Bailey said. “Living room furniture, my Marshall diploma, my high school diploma, my pictures — my history. I was teacher of the year. All of that stuff is gone — certificates from that. It’s all gone.”

As it turns out, the company had the wrong house.

The repossession company was told to remove everything from the house on Godby Heights in Logan. Bailey lives on Godby Street. Godby Heights is in Chapmanville.

“It just seems kind of ridiculous that this actually happened when a phone call could have stopped it,” Attorney Tim DiPiero said.

DiPiero is working to make sure Bailey gets compensated for everything she has lost.

“This is a person that her life has been ripped out because there’s no laws to protect these kind of situations,” Fot said.

Bailey asked the company where they took her stuff. She was told it was all taken to the dump.

Bailey’s attorney is also trying to pin down where the mistake was made. The repossession company, CTM Industries, did go to the wrong house, but the address they were given by the bank wasn’t accurate. DiPiero is currently trying to figure out which bank ordered the repossession.


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