Say What Now? VH1 Gets Black Women to Help White Girls Turn Their Lives Around in New 'Bye Felicia!' Series


If you’re somewhat in-tune with popular culture, then you’ve either said or heard the phrase “Bye, Felicia!” in the last week at LEAST once.

For those of you who don’t know, the phrase “Bye Felicia” originated from the 1995 movie Friday starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker.

Check out the clip below.

Well, in trying to keep up with the trends, VH1 has released the trailer & press release for their new show “Bye Felicia!“.

It’s not so much the title that has us scratching our heads, but it’s the title combined with the show’s synopsis.

“This eight-episode, hourlong series follows Atlanta-based life coaches Deborah Hawkes and Missy Young as they set out to help white girls across the Los Angeles area. Each closed-ended episode aims to empower two different women who could use a dose of honesty in order to turn their lives around.”

So let’s get this straight — VH1 got two ‘sassy’ black women to parade around Los Angeles and only help white women? They could have easily named this show, “Sista-Girl, Fix My Life!”

Deborah and Missy have the bold, no-nonsense voice that VH1 viewers love,” says Susan Levison, VH1’s executive vice president of original programming and production. “Plus, they are two of the funniest women I have ever met; we are so excited to introduce them to America.

Alright then.

Check out the show’s trailer below. “Bye Felicia!” premieres Dec. 9th at 9pm. Will you be watching?

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