Say What Now? Python Bites 12-Year-Old Girl in Audience During Circus Performance [Video]

VIDEO Snake Attacks Girl At Romanian Circus

A 12-year-old girl has been traumatized after a python reached out and bit her arm during a live circus performance.

via Daily Mail:

Loredana Diaconescu had been delighted when she and her mother and sister Lena had managed to get seats in the first row for a performance at the Bellucci circus in Satu Mare, a city in north-western Romania.

But her excitement turned to fear that she was about to die after one of the circus performers took a huge snake down into the audience – which bit her on the arm.

When the circus was contacted by local media about the incident, management claimed it was the girl’s own fault because she had got too near to the snake despite being warned to take care.

But video footage shows that far from approaching the snake, she had actually tried to squirm back into her seat to get away from it a second before it lashed out and fastened its teeth onto her arm.

Instead of taking time to see if she was okay, the snake charmer ignored the injury and carried on moving along the front row of the audience showing the snake to other young children and risking more children being bitten.

The young girl meanwhile was rushed out by her grandmother Adela, 63, and taken to the local hospital because they feared she might have been poisoned.

Hospital staff that contacted the circus were told it was just a python and therefore non-venomous.

She was given a tetanus injection and the wound was disinfected and bandaged, according to Constantin Damian, spokesperson of Satu Mare Emergency Hospital.

The grandparents, who are furious that the circus blamed their granddaughter, have filed a complaint to police, who are investigating.

Watch the moment in action below.

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