Say What Now? Preacher Holding 'You Deserved to Be Raped' Sign Gets Hit in the Head by a Woman with a Baseball Bat


It’s real out here in these streets…and one ‘preacher’ learned the hard way.

Glendale, Arizona preacher Brother Dean Saxton, routinely stands outside of local high schools and condemns students and members of the LGBT community. According to ABC15, he often holds a sign that reads, “You deserve to be raped.”

Well, 19-year-old Tabitha Brubaker had enough of his antics outside of Apollo High School and she hit Brother Saxton over the head with a baseball bat. She’s been charged with felony assault and marijuana possession.

via Raw Story:

Saxton posted a video of the incident on YouTube, in which he can be seen yelling his message outside the high school.

“The Bible says it’s not okay to be gay,” he yells. “You need to stop doing naught, nasty things, Apollo High School. You need to stop looking up naughty, nasty things on the Internet.”

He is approached periodically by students and a teacher repudiating him. Saxton accuses the teacher of trying to influence the students, who he called “evil.”

“I’m trying to influence the fact that you need to be gone,” the teacher says. “I think you’re a disgrace to Christianity. Why don’t you go and preach it to somebody who really wants to hear your message, like Westboro Baptist Church?”

Another adult approaches Saxton and tells him to leave, saying he doesn’t think Saxton was “playing with a full deck.” He then says, “These kids don’t need to see that,” then reacts with shock when Saxton is hit over the head.

Saxton’s camera is still rolling when he is hit, and some people standing around him seem to celebrate. Brubaker is out of frame, but she has been arrested for hitting Saxton.

Watch video of the incident below.The attack happens just after the 17-minute mark.

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