Say What Now? Patti LaBelle's Gay Son Is Behind Racist and Sexist Trump Supporting 'Dan Purdy' Twitter Account [Photos + Video] |

Say What Now? Patti LaBelle’s Gay Son Is Behind Racist and Sexist Trump Supporting ‘Dan Purdy’ Twitter Account [Photos + Video]

There’s an incredibly bizarre story unfolding on social media involving Pennsylvania Republican Dean Browning and Patti LaBelle’s adopted son, William ‘Byl’ Holte — who’s apparently a super conservative Trump supporter.

Here’s what’s going on…

Dean Browning replied to his own tweet with a message claiming to be a “black gay guy.”

From there, Twitter users began to claim that Dean ran a burner account pretending to be a “black gay guy” and started doing research to find out which account.

After getting called out for allegedly running a fake account, the GOP congressman issued a statement saying he was simply “quoting a message that I received earlier this week from a follower.”

That was enough to tip off Washington Post journalist Phillip Bump who claimed to have found the fake account in question.

“You know who replies to Dean Browning a lot? ‘Dan Purdy,’ a gay black Trump supporter who joined Twitter in October,” wrote Phillip, including screenshots of Dan Purdy’s frequent replies to Dean Browning.

Dan Purdy, aka @DanPurdy322, is a Twitter account with a cartoon of a Black man wearing a beanie as its avatar and a Trump 2020 logo as its header.

After a deep dive into Dan Purdy’s tweets, users found a bunch of racist and sexist content.

This is where things start to get weird. Dan Purdy is NOT failed GOP congressman Dean Browning, but is indeed a real person — and apparently he’s William Holte, aka Bly Holte, who was adopted by his aunt Patti LaBelle after his mom died in 1989.

William/Bly’s Facebook page had the exact same profile picture as the Dan Purdy Twitter account, but Twitter has since suspended it.

Another Twitter account that appeared to be owned by Byl Holte, @IncrediByl — was also suspended.

Before the Dan Purdy Twitter account was taken down, a Black man who looks a lot like Patti’s son William Holte posted a video claiming he’s Dan Purdy — the owner of the account.

 “I sent that message to Dean, Dean accidentally posted it somehow, that’s the end of the story,” he said. “No, he’s not a sock puppet. No, I’m not a bot.”

According to Jon Hendren (better known as @fart on Twitter), “Dan Purdy” was also the name listed on a suspended account that had a history of several other aliases — including “Pat Riarchy” and “White Goodman.”

To sum it all up — Patti LaBelle’s adopted son is a major conservative Trump supporter who uses fake identities online to promote racist and sexist views along with the rest of the republicans. Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any wilder…

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