Say What Now? Man Sues Wife for Being Ugly, He Wins [Video]

I wonder if something like this would work in America. Could you see yourself suing your husband/wife because of their looks?

A man from northern China who divorced and sued his wife earlier this year for being ugly has recently won the lawsuit.

Jian Feng said his issues with his wife’s looks only began after the couple’s daughter was born.  Feng was appalled by the child’s appearance, calling her “incredibly ugly” and saying she resembled neither one of her parents.

With that being the case, Feng initially accused his wife of cheating.  It was at that point that his wife, who has not been named, came forward, saying she had spent $100,000 on intense plastic surgeries to drastically change her appearance before she met Feng.  She never told Feng about those surgeries.

When Feng found out about the procedures, he filed the lawsuit. He said the woman convinced him to marry her under false pretenses.

A judge agreed, awarding Feng $120,000.

via Fox 8 (Thanks @LuvthisPayne for sending this in!)

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