Say What Now? Man Strips Naked at Airport Because of an Overbooked Flight [Video]


A man at Charlotte Douglas International Airport decided he was fed up with airlines and their tendency to overbook flights.

He decided to take a stand…a butt-naked stand.

via USA Today:

A man stripped down to the buff right in front of everyone, including kids. A passenger, Sherry Ketchie, snapped photos on her cell phone. Ketchie says he stood there in the nude for about 40 minutes before police finally escorted him away.

Other passengers NBC Charlotte spoke with were shocked to hear about this.

“It’s embarrassing. That guy should think about what’s going on, who’s around him and seriously get some psychological evaluation, or help,” Mike Osborne, a traveler, said.

Ketchie said the whole thing started when the man learned a flight to Jamaica was overbooked. Airport officials have not commented.

There’s no word if he’ll be charged with a crime.

He should be charged with domestic terrorism. Nobody wants to see all that!

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