Say What Now? Man Mistakes 9-Year Old Girl in Skunk Costume for Real Skunk, Shoots Her With Shotgun

Judging by the size of most 9-year-olds, that must have been a rather large skunk…or so he thought.

A 9-year-old girl was shot outside a Halloween party Saturday night in Western Pennsylvania, taking a bullet to the shoulder from a male relative who mistook her for a skunk.

The condition of the girl wasn’t released Sunday, but police in rural New Sewickley Township said she was alert and talking as she was flown to a hospital in Pittsburgh, 30 miles away.

Neither the girl nor her relative was identified.

She was spotted on a hillside around 8:30 p.m. wearing a black costume and black hat with a white tassel, according to the Beaver County Times. The relative who accidentally injured her was carrying a shotgun.

Police Chief Ronald Leindecker said the man wasn’t under the influence of alcohol, and was unsure whether he would be charged.

The Beaver County District Attorney’s Office will review the case.

via New York Daily News

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