Say What Now? Houston Woman Marries Herself to Celebrate Being Single at 40 [Photos]


Yasmin Eleby gave herself until the age of 40 to find herself a husband.

Unfortunately for her, life had other plans and she found herself approaching 40 and still single — so she decided to marry HERSELF.

That’s right — Yasmin gave herself her own dream wedding in front of family and friends. Now, she couldn’t legally marry herself, so the ceremony was purely spiritual.



One of her sisters, who happens to be a minister, helped perform the ceremony. Her other three sisters were bridesmaids and her mother gave her away…to herself.

It all went down at the Houston Museum of African American Culture .

We’re all for self-love and what have you — but we truly don’t see the purpose in spending all of this money (and wasting these people’s time) for absolutely no reason. She could have thrown a regular birthday party, given herself a beautiful, self-affirming speech, and called it a day.

[via Black Art In America]

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