Say What Now? Former Indiana University Student Charged with 2 Rapes to Serve Just One Year of Probation


John Enochs, a former Indiana University student who was charged in connection with two rape cases in September 2015, accepted a plea deal and was sentenced Thursday.

He will serve just one day in jail (which he already spent) and one year on probation. He agreed to plead guilty to battery with moderate bodily injury and his two rape charges were dismissed.

The most recent incident reportedly occurred in April 2015.

via Fox 59:

According to court documents, the victim told police she’d been raped at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house, but didn’t know her alleged attacker. She said she repeatedly told him to stop, but he held her down. Eventually she was able to leave the room and get away.

Police said security video showed Enochs entering the room with the victim. She left after about 24 minutes. Health officials determined she suffered a laceration to her genitals.

While investigating that report, police found a similar case from 2013. The victim in that case agreed to help investigators, and Enochs was later arrested based off of DNA evidence and witness statements.

And THAT is how white privilege works.

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