Did Tamar Braxton Throw Shade at Sister Toni for Working With Her Former Makeup Artist? [Photos]

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Did Tamar Braxton throw a little shade at her sister Toni Braxton ahead of the 2016 BET Awards?

Yesterday, makeup artist Terrell Mullins shared a photo of himself doing Toni Braxton’s makeup for the show.

He captioned the photo:

“When Toni Calls……. #AndTheBeatGoesOn #BetAwards2016 #BackSeatTouchUp”

Now, the caption by itself is seemingly innocent — but let’s not forget the fact that Terrell and Toni’s sister Tamar had a pretty public falling out that led to Terrell no longer working with ‘The Real.’

Shortly after Terrell’s post went public, Tamar took to Twitter to fire off a tweet that may or may not be related.

Due to the timing of the tweet, many people assumed it was her way of ‘responding’ to Toni working with her ex-friend. Tamar took to Twitter today to insist she’s not feeling any kind of way.

What do you think, love muffins?

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