Say What Now? Cleveland Woman Found Guilty of Hiring a Hitman to Kill Her Firefighter Husband for Insurance Money

45-year-old Uloma Curry-Walker, of Ohio, was found guilty of having her firefighter husband killed so that she could collect the insurance money to pay off her debts.

She’s to be sentenced on August 8 for aggravated murder and conspiracy. She faces life in prison.

via NYDN:

The Cleveland resident had given her daughter’s boyfriend a $1,000 down payment to find a killer to take Walker out, prosecutors charged.

The boyfriend first went to a cousin, who botched an assassination attempt that October, according to

They found someone else to do the deed. The new killer ambushed Walker as he returned from a McDonald’s run, shooting him several times, the news website reported.

Curry-Walker, who was supposed to be packing their house to move into a new home, phoned police. 

Her daughter, the boyfriend, his cousin and the eventual killer have all pleaded guilty.

Prosecutors had alleged that she’d racked up tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt and other loans.

The crushing debt forced her to plot Walker’s death to collect his $100,000 life insurance payout, prosecutors charged.

Jurors deliberated for four hours Friday — on what would’ve been her fourth wedding anniversary with Walker — after a two-week trial, reported.

Her daughter testified during the trial that her mother first floated the plot while they rode in the car with her boyfriend, the website reported.

Curry-Walker even told the boyfriend to have the hired killer make it look like a robbery.

A defense attorney told jurors that the daughter might have actually concocted the plan.

Lord, she had the whole family involved! The daughter, the boyfriend, AND the cousin? There’s no way that ‘secret’ was staying put.

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