Say What Now? Beyoncé & Jay Z Hitch a Ride in the Back of a Pickup Truck [Photos]


Could you imagine driving down the highway behind some guys in a random pickup truck, only to take a closer look and realize that Beyoncé and Jay Z are sitting in the back?

That’s exactly what happened to one man in Hawaii, where Bey & Jay are enjoying their wedding anniversary.


According to the man who drove behind them, Jay looked super happy and even threw up the shaka sign. The shaka sign is often associated with Hawaii and surf culture.

‘I talked to them for a moment and Beyoncé gave the shaka sign too, said the man.

‘After that Beyoncé didn’t turn around much on the ride, but Jay Z was facing the road smiling and drinking what looked like a beer from a cooler in the back of the pickup, they were really chill.’

He added: ‘They weren’t talking much but they looked pretty happy.’

They look like they’re having a blast — but we don’t expect them to switch out their lavish rides for pickup trucks anytime soon.

Oh, and don’t worry…they left Blue Ivy back at the hotel.

[via Daily Mail]

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