Say What Now? Akon Performs in a Giant Plastic Bubble to Avoid Catching Ebola? [Photos + Video]


What happens when you have a big performance scheduled in part of the world where there’s a deadly Ebola virus outbreak? If you’re Akon, you make sure you crowd-surf in a big plastic bubble so you don’t catch it — at least that’s what the Internet wants you to believe.

via The Source:

“…the Ebola virus is no joke, and to avoid contracting it from anybody, when Akon left the stage to crowd surf with the people that were attending his concert, he did so in a huge plastic protective bubble.

The concert was held in order to help bring a sense of peace and togetherness to the city of Goma, which has been plagued with violence and unrest for the better part of the past two decades. Akon’s performance was widely publicized throughout the city, and prior to the show, 60,000 free tickets were given out. The show was a part of a much larger activation which was put together to help promote and support the United Nations’ International Day Of Peace.”

Naturally, major media outlets took that and ran with it. However, what The Source failed to report is that Akon has been performing inside of a bubble for quite some time. He brought the big bubble out in Australia and Dubai back in 2010. Check out the clip below.

So no, Akon did NOT quarantine himself in a bubble to avoid catching Ebola. He did it just for fun.

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