Say What Now? 50 Cent Says He Had a Piece of Cookie Lyon's 'Cookie' [Video]


Earlier this year, rapper 50 Cent created “beef” with Empire by accusing the FOX soap opera of swagger-jacking his hit series Power. Well, during last night’s season two premiere of Empire, Cookie Lyon took a jab at 50.

In case you missed it, Cookie told her youngest son Hakeem that 50 was “thirsty.”

Fast-forward to today, and 50 has responded, sharing a video in which he claims to have smashed Cookie.

Now before you go creating real beef between 50 and Taraji P. Henson, it’s clear that 50 was simply joking around, hence him using Cookie’s name instead of Taraji’s. Nonetheless, you can watch 50 jokingly fire back at Cookie below.


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